Job Title
Sr. Producer - Investigative
Arabic Channel
Closing Date
31 August
  Functional Area
Contract Type
Reference Code
Job Introduction
Responsible for leading the team in pre-production, production and post-production phases , also responsible for communicating with relevant parties around the world using all necessary skills, capabilities and competencies. The Senior Producer is also responsible for films making and related editorial stories.
• Distribute the work to the team, ensure an effective allocation of tasks and find innovative solutions to everyday issues.
• Present ideas and proposals for investigative films and make decisions about their production.
• Research, photograph and editing the important stories and investigative episodes.
• Evaluate proposals in terms of the idea, and develop content in terms of editing, within the long-term plans of the series and annual programs.
• Ensuring the completion of investigative films on time for production, in accordance with the editorial and technical standards of Al Jazeera.
• Follow-up details of the production process with teams in the field during all phases and contribute to problem solving and advice during filming or editing.
• Ensuring effective use of budgets, human resources and logistics in line with the value of the film production
• Contribute and share ideas and proposals in direct cooperation with management, ensuring the continuation of investigative films flow
• Involve teamwork during the production stages, including viewing the first, second, and third versions, and proposing structural changes editorially and technically
• Opening new opportunities for commissioning in new areas and countries.
Bachelor's degree in journalism or any related major field
7 years in the field of investigations, documentary or field journalism experience
• Filmmaking and editing skills.
• Communication and personal skills.
• Computer skills.
• Research skills.
• Writing skills.
• Negotiation skills.
• Language proficiency