Job Title
Field Producer
Arabic Channel
Closing Date
31 August
  Functional Area
Contract Type
Reference Code
Job Introduction
Keeps track of news and ensures that it flows into the newsroom in a timely manner.
Solid drafting, coordination of interviews, and supporting the reporter
• Get news from its sources to achieve the editorial excellence of Al Jazeera channel
• Draft news appropriately
• Cover breaking news, keep the breaking news updated with information in precise and credible manner
• Responding to the demands of reporters and newsroom
• Contribute to the production of high-quality, ready-to-broadcast field reports
• Provide information and data to the correspondent to assist him in direct, professional and high-quality television interventions
• Submit proposals for creative stories and reports reflecting Al Jazeera values and mission
• Participates in providing Planning Department with the key news stories proposals that might involve content development
• Conducts interviews requested by Reporter/Newsroom
• Represents Al Jazeera in the field with all its values, mission and brand
• Generate exclusive and authentic ideas that can be transformed into distinctive reports and cover stories
• Participates in editorial meetings to identify key news stories that need to develop content
• Performs all the functions assigned to it by the departments and departments concerned (newsroom/Planning Department/Correspondents section, etc.)
Bachelor's degree in journalism, or related specialization
• At least 3 years of professional experience in the field of information
• Editorial skills, convincing wording and attractive narrative to different audiences, both internally and externally
• Understanding the work within a diverse and versatile environment platforms
• Skills in planning
• Personal skills in dealing with others
• Mastering the language of the country
• Skills to do multiple tasks simultaneously
• The ability to coordinate and leverage the capabilities of the Al Jazeera network
• Ability to contain critical situations and solve occupational and administrative problems
• Working under pressure
• Knowledge of regional and global events
• Knowledge of the operational course of action